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Apart from Shrink Wrapping Machines and Polyolefin Shrink film we work with reputed Packaging Machine Suppliers from Europe for High Speed Packaging Lines.
Some of our Oversees Associates are listed below.
  • Ocme Italy- Ocme is a 55 years old company specializing in supplying complete filling lines. Starting from Filler, capper, labeler, shrink bundling, case packing and palletizing. Ocme has many installations in India and have a trained team of Service Personnel based in Mumbai for providing after sales support. Ocme has both volumetric filling and Nett weight filling machines. The current focus is on Nett Weight Filler. They can do bundling with film only, pad with film and tray with film. Both conventional and robotic palletizers are available. Ocme is preferred supplier of P & G, Unijlever etc.
  • Weckerle Germany- Weckerle has large range of machines for cosmetics and also High Speed Tube Filling Machines going upto 21,000 TPH.
  • Quadropack Netherlands- For High speed HFFS machines
  • Axon USA- For High Speed sleeving applications
  • Sachmi Italy- For high speed labeling machines

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